Recent Down Time

Recently my blog has experienced an amount of down time, I am curently investegating as to the reason for this and putting mesures in place to ensure that I can catch it earlier and rectify the issue sooner to avout any majour disrupton to content.

I have made a very simple system for monitering if a site is up or down and sending an email if it is down so that I know that I then need to do something

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RC Buggy On Board Footage

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Quick Bootstrap Themes

Sometimes we are looking for themes that are quick to use, we don't always need to create our own theme that can take time. It is convinient to use premade themes if you have time you could do it yourself but most of us don't have time to make our own themes. This is where a site like wrap bootstrap a nice resorce of themes that are both cheap and expensive.

Screenshot of wrap bootstrap

Using a site like wrap bootstrap will allow you

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Selenium Starters Guide

As a developer it is important to understand the value of a good set of tests both unit and intergration. It can be dificult to write tests for visual software and check that features function the same. This is made even harder when testing for the web and having to test for multiple browsers.

Their is a solution though it's a free peice of software called selenium that will allow you to write intergration tests as if it were a

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Asseto Corsa Beta

I bought the early access to asseto corsa a while back after canceling my rFactor 2 purchase after I wasen't happy with the progress that has been made with it. While asseto corsa might not be as good as rfactor 2 or have the same features it does have some nice tracks and quality cars but the modding comunity isn't up to much yet.

One of the cars gogin over a curb in asseto corsa

If you are looking for something with realistic handleing it is almost there but not always

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Playing with Polymer

Playing with polymer the last few days seems to be full of useful bits an peices some of it does seem a bit familiar and does seem to make some of the functionality of css redundant.

Polymer Logo

When I say it seems to make some parts of css redundant they can still be used but the way you can now add styles to a shadow dom seems kind of like the cascading part of CSS(Cascading style sheets). I havent had

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